Recently our U-pod got together at the beautiful Lake Padden for an introduction to trout fishing, where Beau gave us a fabulous breakdown of some fishing techniques using a spinning reel and rod set-up.


We began by learning how to tie two important knots. First, we practiced tying a Fisherman’s Knot, which we learned is used to secure the line to an object. We now know the Double Fisherman’s Knot, used to connect two pieces of line. It was wonderful to get some hands-on experience with tying these knots!



We discussed when and where to use different baits and bait presentation. We were informed that trout prefer a moving target rather than a sitting bobber, so we were shown some dynamic baits that give a real-life impression of a small swimming fish to entice the trout. We learned to cast and retrieve using baits such as worms, insects, and other artificial baits using leaders and bobbers.



After setting up our fishing lines and bait, we each got to practice casting and retrieving our fishing line. We are now knowledgeable about trolling, a method of fishing from a watercraft where one or more fishing lines, baited with lures or bait fish, are drawn through the water.

Although we didn’t catch any fish on this first Action Day, we got some amazing hands-on practice for the future.