What we do

What we do

We use Skill-building workshops to provide enriching opportunities to learn a wide range of new abilities and the chance for hands-on learning experiences. With a foundation of trust comes the ability to build mutual aid pods in order to help each other fulfill our basic universal needs.

We use collaboration, compassionate communication, and non-aggression as our formula to create Unity within Diversity.

We neither attack nor defend. Instead, we stand, grow and share.

We are documenting every step of our journey, and structuring our process so that we may share it with the world and empower others.  

A SkillShare Pod is a group of people coming together to reclaim their education! Education is the sum of everything a person learns that enables them to live a satisfying and meaningful life. Our SkillShares embrace self-directed education and challenge the idea that universities and schooling institutions are the only sources of valuable, community-recognized education. Skillshares provide enriching opportunities to learn a wide range of new abilities with the chance for hands-on learning experiences.
We envision a multitude of different Skillshare Pods emerging, each one molded and shaped to support the unique passions and interests of its members. We see this multiplication of Pods evolving into an interconnected network of highly skilled, self-educated individuals working together to create abundance.
Pod-Leaders will have monthly meetings to connect, share updates, and brainstorm new project ideas or goals. While each Skillshare Pod is strongly encouraged to pursue its own learning desires and passions, it is important that we all stay regularly connected. Valuing and nurturing the connection between each and every Pod is the critical element that will transform us from scattered and separated groups into a powerful collaborative network.
Mutual Aid is a voluntary reciprocal exchange of resources and services. It is as ancient as human culture but has been lost in recent decades in western culture. Mutual aid is met by tending to both personal and interpersonal needs, and by thinking of the group as a system while respecting the unique passions of each individual. It is to focus on people’s strengths instead of limitations, and to encourage people to use those strengths to help others as well as themselves.
Each MAP is guided and shaped to support the unique passions and learning desires of its members and their families and utilize the benefits of mutual aid to contribute to the community at large. MAP’s are free to join and participate in and are entirely voluntary. Mutual Aid Pods emphasize an open model of cooperation and a radical openness to all situations.
While Skillshares and MAP’s provide the opportunity to connect with like-minds and learn new skills, they also lay the foundation of trust that enables us to connect with other Pods and collaborate on larger projects that are beyond the skills of only one group. These cooperative partnerships are one of many ways to make our network come to life and thrive.
Volunteering is a big way for us to actively engage in our communities, help others, and attend to our basic universal needs. Universal needs are not only our physical well-being, but also the need for connection, harmony, meaning, autonomy, honesty, and even play! There is an infinite number of ways that we can volunteer, make a difference, and strengthen our universal connection. The possibilities are limitless!

Above all, we believe the greatest value to be gained from our Community Network is the chance for strong emotional support while building lifelong, interpersonal connections.