Community Service

Community Service

Sociocracy and the Identity Movement

The U.S. Constitution provides us with the core values of our democratic society. Democracy values freedom, equality, justice, and the common good. Our country was built on these values of liberty for all, and yet separation, corruption, and feelings of powerlessness...

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What is Ripe Near Me?

We are very excited to introduce an inspiring organization that is providing a fresh, effective tool to help us bring Mutual Aid to life in our communities. Mutual Aid is a voluntary reciprocal exchange of resources and services for mutual benefit, and is as ancient...

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The Road to Zero Waste

I chose to pursue zero waste living because I want my actions to align with my values. I want to change my consumer habits, reduce my carbon footprint, and share the process with my friends. The first change I had to make in this ongoing transformation, was a change...

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Cell 411 free emergency management

You're walking home. You decide to take the shortcut by walking down a path through a patch of forest. Suddenly, you notice someone following you. Every time you glance back, this person is watching you and you begin to feel unsafe. You speed up your pace, and hear...

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Our Past Projects


Our past accomplishment is a strong example of what we are capable of doing in the future.

Non-Violent Communication Group Study

We have Teamed up with ExcellenceNW and Cascadia Workshops to bring you a Non-Violent Communication Group Study.

We will we starting a 14-week curriculum for the practice of Nonviolent Communication. With being exposed to the powerful theory of NVC it is only through practice and application that our lives will be transformed.

This curriculum will cover a chapter each week from Marshall Rosenberg’s A Language of Life Book available here (

This will be a closed group once we start for the 14 weeks in order to create a place we can feel comfortable with our vulnerability as we dig deep into ourselves and learn the steps to have compassionate communication with ourselves and others.

SkillShare Pod Block Party

We reserved the Block Party Trailer for our next SkillShare Pod meeting. A portable trailer stocked with everything needed to host a block party, Lawn games, Giant Jenga & Connect Four. This is how you connect with your neighbors and build community.

Food and Friendship Contribution Meal

Come enjoy a free meal with your friends in the Bellingham dance community and beyond – a variety of delicious nutritious food to suit most dietary needs (if you have something very specific you need to eat you can bring your own food and enjoy great company while you eat it). Everyone is welcome! Feel free to stay and relax and enjoy the companionship and connection or, if it suits you, to eat and run.


SkillShare Action Days