On Sunday, July 2, the first meeting of the Bakerview SkillShare pod was hosted by Tori Hoffmann at the Bellingham Public Market.  The meeting was the first step in an outreach campaign that aims to unify the service industry employees of W. Bakerview Rd. in Bellingham, WA with community skill building gatherings.  We discussed the vision for the Bakerview SkillShare meetings as a way to build our community, share resources, and provide a better quality of life for our members.

We enjoyed two SkillShare presentations.  Joshua taught us “The 5 Principles of Learning Anything”; a great introductory lesson to inspire us in our pursuit of learning new skills.



Kara’s presentation on “How to Harvest Sea Salt” was packed full of great information, including the many benefits and uses of sea salt, and a description of her process complete with visual aids.




We were able to hear from all who attended, taking inventory of the many skills, resources, and connections that we all have to offer the group.  Bakerview SkillShare is currently looking for a more permanent meeting location on or near W. Bakerview Rd.  We would like to meet once a week to present SkillShare presentations and have discussions aimed at improving our quality of life.  Tori will be emailing those who attended the meeting to announce the next Bakerview SkillShare event and provide online resources.

Skills we want to share: Trivium method learning, culinary, fishing, visual thinking, writing, knitting, crocheting, public speaking, management, active listening, non-violent communication, coalition building, cooperative living, catering for large events (has equipment), consensus decision-making, networking in Bellingham, organizing fundraisers, political activism/protests, screenprinting

Skills we want to learn: plant identification, foraging, trading volunteer labor to farms for produce, permaculture, survival skills, emergency response, building structures, waste reduction, sustainability, communication methods, teaching methods, health/medicine, electronics, treating soil, clean/free energy, retrofit bus to live in, problem-solving/volunteering for the Birchwood Food Desert.


Future Events:
Wedsnesday, July 5th –14 Week Non-Violent Communication Group Study
Sunday, July 16th- Skillshare Action Day featuring Hugelkultur hosted by Sarah Wagstaff add it to your calendar!
Saturday July 29 – SkillShare Action Day at Pixie Dust Festival