Kara Shepard-Poat
Operations Manager
Kara Shepard-Poat
Operations Manager

Cascadia Skillshare & Barter Faire 2017

by | Sep 19, 2017 | Skillshares | 0 comments

What an inspiring weekend! The I.M. Team posted up with proud smiles at the 6th Annual Cascadia Skillshare & Barter Faire behind our newly painted banner (courtesy of Tori), in our booth complete with handouts, stickers, and some books that have inspired us. The Lookout Arts Quarry was a truly magical setting in which to meet talented individuals, learn some new skills, and share our vision with others.
It was incredibly rewarding to be immersed in the very culture that we are working to bring to our backyards and the local community. Each person we met, and every conversation had, felt like a reconnection with an old friend.

Whether you were a part of the teaching, learning, sharing, or bartering, everyone was joined by a common passion for connection, resilience, and knowledge.

Enjoy our video recap to get a nice glimpse of the weekend, and be sure to check out the presentation videos below for the full educational experience.

Learn how to make your own Rocket Stove for less than ten bucks!

Alex gives us a look at the Holy Shit crew giving us a regenerative use of humanure and composting toilets. Poofecting the compost, giving back the one gift we ALL have to give!

“Growing Plants in Polyculture,” with Michael Pilarski. Polyculture is the growth of more than one crop within the same cultivation system, providing crop diversity in imitation of the diversity of natural ecosystems.

“Basket Weaving” with Shannon Robertson.

Shannon was teaching others how to make handmade baskets from locally sourced material that are both beautiful works of art as well as functional.

“Off the Grid” with Bill Sterling.

Bill Sterling raised his family, built his home and lived in community for 23 years off grid. He is a master gardener, master food preserver, master composter, energy conserver, and watershed steward. He has served on boards for 35 years of the community land trust movement, and helped start curbside recycling in Whatcom county.

“Come Back” Performed by Wild Choir. Sharing songs written and sung by women who live and love this life to the fullest; their music is deep, reflective and loving.


We are already making plans for next year’s Skillshare Faire!

We hope to see you because we can’t wait to go back!