You’re walking home. You decide to take the shortcut by walking down a path through a patch of forest. Suddenly, you notice someone following you. Every time you glance back, this person is watching you and you begin to feel unsafe. You speed up your pace, and hear your follower speed up their pace in return. There is still quite a distance before you’re out of the forest and near people again, and you can’t shake the feeling that this person may want to harm you. What do you do?

 Our current system only really gives you one option.

Call 911

But many concerns rise from this one option. Will the police arrive in time? How will they know where you are? Can you adequately describe your location?

What if, in the time it took you to ask yourself these questions, you could have already sent an alert to community members in the area for help? What if there were trusted local community members that could rush to your aid with turn by turn directions to where you are, and help ward off danger?

The Cell411 app is a real-time, free emergency management platform that can alert your friends, neighbors, and even emergency service providers when you are in danger, experiencing medical distress, or just need assistance.

Cell 411 allows you to create custom Cells, or groups of your friends, neighbors or family members, and alert them whenever you need help.

Cell 411 gives the freedom to join, organize, and manage Cells of users all on your own, allowing you full control over what services and groups you want to have contact with.

Whether you have a flat tire, you find yourself in danger, or need medical assistance, you can leverage the power of large groups of trusted people to call for help and receive it.


With thousands of Cells all over the world, communities, families and neighborhood watch groups have been using Cell 411 to keep criminals out, inform each other of emergencies and respond to each other’s needs. Cell 411 puts responsibility back into your hands, away from monopolistic organizations.

Visit Get Cell 411 to learn more about this incredible resource and join the growing community of individuals with the common goal of a more connected world.

Kara Shepard-Poat
Operations Manager
Kara Shepard-Poat
Operations Manager