I chose to pursue zero waste living because I want my actions to align with my values. I want to change my consumer habits, reduce my carbon footprint, and share the process with my friends. The first change I had to make in this ongoing transformation, was a change in mindset. I did my research, found my inspiration, decided to commit, strengthened my resolve, and most importantly, I found my zero waste community support.

While seeking advice on how to conquer zero waste grocery shopping, I came across a blog by Jenica, a local zero-waster and creator of zerowastewisdom.com. Her website is a detailed guide to reducing, refusing, recycling, and composting. She provides recipes, advice, alternative products, and an abundance of helpful information to support anyone who wants to make the switch to a zero waste and plastic free lifestyle!

 I wanted to bring Zero Waste Wisdom to The Identity Movement community, so I reached out to Jenica to learn more. Our team had a great time attending one of Jenica’s events, and we were able to sit down with her for this insightful interview.

Torri Hoffmann

Brand Manager

Tori Hoffmann

Brand Manager